Getting Around San Francisco

Navigating and getting around San Francisco can be very difficult.  As with any new city you visit, you can get lost and wander into areas you shouldn't be in, and this happens constantly in this city.  You hear all the bad stories of drug addicts and trash on the sidewalks.  Well I'm here to help.  If you follow this guide you will be just fine.

You DO NOT want a car.  If you are driving into town park your car at the hotel and leave it there until you leave.  Best to arrive without one and only rent a car if you have to as you are leaving.  There are NO parking spaces.  You may find one, but then you have to feed the meter every so many minutes, and if you get a ticket for an expired meter it is $70 minimum.  If you park in a blue or other type zone tickets go up to $800!  And most parking garages are expensive with no in and out privileges.  And lastly, you DO NOT want to drive down Lombard Street (the crooked street), there are crowds, it's really not worth it and the neighbors hate it.

You DO NOT want to take the city buses unless you live here and know where you are going.  Just trust me. You will get lost.

The cheapest and easiest way to get around (because everything is very close) is Lyft, Uber, Cable Car or Cab if you have to (which you can flag down at any major street crossing) to wherever you are going.  If you don't have a Lyft or Uber account, get one before you arrive.  If there are 2-4 of you it's really cheap...

You will be fine walking around tourist areas day or night where there are people, like Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39, Chinatown, North Beach etc.  If you are going south of Market Street (SOMA) to the ballpark (SF Giants) or some of the tech companies, know where you are going and DO NOT walk around there at night.  Trust me.

Happy travels!